Well hello! Are you ready to start 

Enhancing your health and Enriching your life? 

Let’s do this thing!

First let me introduce myself.  I’m Gail Felling.
I’m a registered nurse, coach, entrepreneur, believer. I guide confused and scared people with chronic health issues out of fear and uncertainty, and into lives that they truly control

I believe that health education leads to freedom and the ability to live life to its fullest. I’m all about taking control of your life. 

And then, living it in a way that fills your cup to overflow.


     ·         That God created our bodies and that we are responsible for keeping them whole. We only have one body to last us our entire life.

     ·         The transformative power of gratitude.

     ·         In self-expression, self-love and self-responsibility. I know for sure that life is what you make it.

  •      ·         I believe in smart, truthful conversations. Lifting not tearing down. The infusion and energy of community.

     ·         In giving ourselves permission to be the wonderful creatures we were created to be. I believe we don’t do that enough. But we’re learning.

    ·         I believe that living a committed life means bringing ALL of ourselves to the table. That means owning our contradictions, our                          imperfections, our very human humanness.

    ·         There’s nothing wrong with you. God isn’t finished with you yet. You are unfolding. You’re peeling back layers. Keep going.

    ·         I believe that what we’re striving for – that big purpose we’re all flipping over stones to find – is meaning. True joy and that joy comes through giving of                    ourselves  .

And the good news is happiness is possible for everyone.

  Let me help you build the healthy life you deserve

But of course, the limiting beliefs – that penetrating call of You’re not ready!” –  boom over many internal loudspeakers, and although you feel  the call to play bigger, and take control of your life there is a persistent voice insisting that you need to play safe. Does it say “But you’re so comfortable here”  “You would probably fail anyway.”

  What I discovered was THAT’S the sign to keep going. Pushing through doubt can change everything. This I now know this for certain:

There will never be a perfect time.