What Brings Me Here?

I really had to go searching for these pictures. You see I hated having my picture taken and these were not at my heaviest.

I grew up not
really having any clear direction in mind for my future. I started college
straight out of high school and since we had to declare a major mine was
special education. Ugh! That would not have been a good direction for me.

In the two weeks before
freshman year got started, I met the love of my life. He was
in the military and on his way to Germany. We spent most days for the next
couple of weeks together and then off he went. I went to school and really enjoyed
the social side of college. My GI showed back up at Christmas break and we got
engaged. The plan was to marry the following December. I moved home and went to
school the second semester there while working to put back some money. That
semester was even worse than the first when it came to classwork. Who cared?
I was getting married!

Moving on a bit we
came back to the USA with our daughter and a plan for my love to
finish his degree. I worked at a variety of different jobs but none of them
sparked any real desire to get me excited about going to work.  These jobs ranged from working in a jewelry
store to issuing stocks, bills, and bonds at the Federal Reserve Bank. In the
meantime, we added a son to our family. Life had its ups and downs along with a
few moves. I did start taking some classes at university and replacing some of
the grades that were not good enough for credit. Still I did not feel a real
draw to any career related to anything in the secretarial or clerical realm.
Simmering beneath the surface was this belief that there was something more I
was meant to be doing. The idea of nursing was there but HOW? Sometimes
things that happen that seem really bad turn out to be really good.
I went to work for a couple of attorneys, and I knew from day one that this was
a mistake. To make this short (I bet you didn’t think I could do that) we ended
up parting ways after three months. What to do now? My love had been listening
and said, “Why don’t you go to nursing school?” So, I started looking into it.
Given that I still had to work some LPN school made the most sense. It was
fulltime for a year and I could work while going. I applied and was accepted.

Fast forward —-I finished LPN
school and started working at the local Children’s Hospital. I finally LOVED
my job! But still I knew I wanted more. After being an LPN for five years I
finished RN training and started to climb the career ladder. Just prior to
getting my RN we ended up with a baby girl. Can you say SURPRISED!

Moving on — after working for
22 years in pediatrics and doing almost everything possible in the field it
came time for a change. I went to work in an adult critical care unit. I jumped
right in and served in the adult world for another 16+ years. Again, I had a
wide variety of experiences that included critical care, management, psychiatry
and hospice.

I was tired,
overweight, and not very happy. I continued to work some but knew I
had to do something about my health. I had been fighting some chronic issues
for an awfully long time. I just chalked them all up to genetics and did not
think they could be changed.

There is a lot
more, but we’ll get into that later. My friend introduced me to some
products that she thought might help. With her help, a real desire for health, and the products, I lost 50
pounds and began to feel HUMAN again. My constant GI issues were
significantly improving, and I knew there was more for me to do.

As you can see I have been that person that had the health issues and had to struggle to get back to a healthy place for me. So here we are. I
am a caregiver at heart and that is exactly what I want to do for you. Through education,
recognition of hang-ups, planning, and encouragement YOU can get to an improved
state of health.

Still not sure? There will never be a perfect time.

How about just throwing
your “someday” plans to the wind and take the step to a better life? Embrace
the fear and uncertainty. Reach out and discover the power of intention and
take the leap based on faith. Let’s “BLAZESome Trails” together and get you to your healthiest self!