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I’ve tried and tested many tools, products, courses and books. Some of them have been great but some not really. The recommendations are ones that I can share and support wholeheartedly. 

Please note: Some of the products below have my affiliate link attached and I may earn a small commission. There is no extra charge to you, of course.

I share these products not because I make a small commission but because I use or have used them and found them to be helpful to me. When deciding on any product you should ask yourself “Will this help me to achieve my goals?” If you have any questions about a product please feel free to contact me.

Weed. Seed. Feed. With TriPlex.

When your gut is healthy, everything else seems to fall into place! I’m experiencing less GI discomfort, benefitting from better health, and receiving the support I need to help manage my weight. Showing my gut microbiome some daily love has been easy with TriPlex! It’s a powerful system that supports this delicate ecosystem with three products that work together to weed, seed, and feed my gut so that I can shift the balance in my favor and feel more confident! True health starts from within, I feel the difference! Message me, and I’ll send you all the details about this amazing gut health system!*

Nutrition for kids—made easier

The Kids Essentials Combo delivers Vegetarian DHA, Lutein, and Choline, supporting brain health and cognitive function. Plus, 13 essential vitamins give growing kids overall nutritional support.*

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Instant Pot Duo

A must have for busy moms. If you are like me I forget to get stuff out of the freezer in the morning and then my plans for dinner are ruined. Well with the Instant Pot this issue is resolved! You can cook from frozen and have a  delicious meal for your family in no time!